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Broken leg case settles for $375,000

25 year old single male was struck by a log that was being pulled by a skidder when the log swung wildly and caused the man to be struck in the leg throwing him into a nearby log pile and pinning his leg under a log. The man's injury was made worse when logging equipment was improperly used to remove the log in an effort to free him. No emergency personnel were called and the man was transported to the hospital by his employer via a truck.

Upon admission to the hospital, it was determined that the man suffered from a severe laceration and a broken lower leg. After several surgeries, the leg slowly recovered, but the man was left with a permanent impairment (loss of leg length and scarring)

Employer and skidder operator denied all liability. Employer failed to obtain Worker's Compensation coverage. After suit was filed the case settled at mediation for $375,000.00

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